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Akibaranger: The end...? (6)
    It seemed to have ended when the old rangers came back, there was almost nothing other then the usual level of oddities for Akihabara, and the rest of Tokyo. One or two Mascots with slightly off designs, cosplayers, and just regular people. Nothing was different, nothing stuck out. It was everyone's excuse to "Look around" in places they missed since going home. White, Browsing manga racks, Break, Shopping for nerdy things, the list went on. Fire, however, was at a fancy little restaurant. He had a very flashy red suit and simply sat waiting. Until his date finally arrived. And much to the shock of other people watching, he seemed an odd level of friendly to the man with the leopard print tie. The latter however seemed... nervous. "So... You wanted to meet me here?"
    "I did." Fire said, lowering his menu. "For two reasons. A. I wanna make a deal."
    The brown haired man was... confused to say the least, as were those around them. Those with a vest
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The Reaper and the Immortal (Overwatch)
    I remember the sound the mud made as we drew closer to the Witch's home. It was different to the gunk we were walking though before. The slick sounds becoming thicker and almost chunkier, like we were walking though guts, and considering that when we got into the light just outside her house our legs looked bloody, I wouldn't have been surprised. I knocked carefully, and the door opened with a chuckle. "Welcome." The Witch said, her odd broom to one side. 
    "Hello." I said, staying as calm as I could. An awkward silence filled the room for a brief moment, she just stared, a wicked smile across her face. "We--"
    "Listen, we've been doing this a long time. Fighting. We were born with guns in our hands, and the will to brawl. But you know what?" Gabe interrupted me.
    "What?" The witch asked, already fiddling with the book on her hip, her smile not faltering.
    "We wanna keep fighting." He answered for us. "We want to be
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Akibaranger: The end...? (5)
    It was... odd. Reunions tended to be, especially after about four damn years. Though with a few more then happy to clean the base up, it wasn't under the worst possible conditions. The former commander of the... They weren't a squad really. More like a small army. But this former leader didn't quite know what to do for a speech. "We, in our absence have grown apart..." He opened. "But We need to unify once more. The fight is starting again." He pulled up an image, one of Kabuki they had on file. "One week ago, this big bug walked into Fire's business and started a fight. Since then, he's been on the loose and we can't find him. We find him, we find whoever is making their comeback, we bust some skulls, and we come back in time for Waffles." There was a brief set of slides, massive spooky castle and crude doodle of a plate of Waffles included, Gold's signature in the bottom.
    "Cool idea, but how?" Orange asked.
    "Not sure, walk around, look f
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Undermythos: Ruins of Old R'lyeh
    The smell of sea salt was still fresh in my nostrils. I reflected on everything that went wrong as my thoughts became clear. Maybe sneaking onto a boat was a bad idea, maybe not putting on a life jacket was dumber. I wasn't dead though... I didn't think... I was in a fairly dark room, the only light was the one I was in, said light wasn't like a bulb, more of some kind of bio-luminescent glow, like a lantern fish's lure. I could, in the faint glow, see a door way in the distance. I started walking, wherever this was, I didn't see another exit. 
    As I entered the new room, I was greeted by a high pitched, slightly distorted voice. "Hello~" It said, a small octopus waddled into the light, the only proper one in the room. Octopus isn't right, it had about ten tentacles. Decapus? I'm getting side tracked. "I'm Starry. Who are you?" I was gripped by an almost violent level of confusion. "Hello?"
    I shook my head. "Uh... I'm--"
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Akibaranger: The end...? (4)
    "Okay... So you morphed, you beat up ALL his grunts... and you just let him walk away?" Vio was flabbergasted. Fire had been bitching since last year, he'd been looking for a fight, for a monster to beat to dust, what was this nonsense? 
    "Basically." Fire said with a shrug, leaving out one little detail. 
    "... What the fuck is wrong with you?" Vio said, pulling his hands away from his face, trying to process the stupid decision made by his ally. 
    "I'm a lunatic. Like fox." Said the primary colored insult to intelligence, walking out of his boss's living room. 
    As Fire left, he began to sing, quietly. "setsuna no kairaku oi tsudzukete mo, munashii yosei ga nokoru dake..."
    "What's that? sounds familiar." Vio chimed. 
    "... Let us pray you never have to see." Said the blond fool, closing the door behind him. 
    Vio looked at his MMZ, who would he
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Akibaranger: The end...? (3)
    The fight was on, a rush none of them had felt for at least a few months. Cryo held his MMZ in one hand, in the other, the Shinkentana, the icy bullets sending the seemingly randomly spawned swarm of grunts into shock as they were followed up with flaming slashes. Gold was using his gun and his gun alone, head shot after head shot landed without fail, except one, right where the Onedeer's belly button would be if it had one. Fire was using the Geki claws, every swipe was capitalized with a dramatic "Hi-ya!" Type shout. Before Kabuki knew it, he was alone, at the mercy of three Akibarangers who had, in killing all his grunts, kicked him in the head, punched him in the gut and struck him in various ways with their weapons. The poor bug was a goner. 
    "Have mercy!" he cried as his last grunt was killed and the Akibas all turned to him. They started walking close, Fire's team mates stopping and letting him step forward. The elegant looking monster was o
:iconfightking:fightking 1 49
Akibaranger: The end...? (2)
    Fire had a store to run. It enjoyed a little success, Enough to live in a cheap apartment, keep the store, and his pantry stocked, but that was about it. The sweets lining the walls were probably the worst part of the job. No one probably blames a candy man for eating his stock just a bit, but a sweet tooth for such a business man can be a real pain in the wallet. Especially when faced with sweets from all over the world. How do certain countries do chocolate compared to others? His thoughts were interrupted as a man in a suit walked in. "Welcome, what're ya after, my man?"
    The suited man just ignored him, browsing the shelves. "... Jerk." Fire muttered as he started tapping a little bit of a beat on his counter. After some time, the patron walked up to him, and started asking about where his stock was attained. Fire gave him a curious look and then noticed something oddly familiar... the leopard print tie. It was oddly familiar. "... I uh... I buy it from a
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Akibaranger: The end...? (1)
    The base was empty, save for one who was running his hands along the walls. Things were quiet. Too quiet, as cliched as that is to say. But that's how it was, everyone had either pissed off back home or... Just dropped their MMZs. "I'm alone..." He muttered, his worn, primary colored Jacket was totaled. He'd long since just been living in the base, barely changed out of the thing, ready for action when it came calling... but it hadn't. Not in three years, going on four. "... Where did they fuck up?" He asked, reflecting on the members of his team from another universe. The originals.
    "Fire?" A familiar voice called.
    "Vio, fuck off." Fire said, remembering fondly several battles, saving one another, discovering armaments... All of it was a good time. And why? Why did it have to end. 
    "Fire. you've let this derail you. The world just doesn't--" A gun shot cut the former leader off. 
    "It will again. It has to.
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MCP (Mirror, Contain, Protect) 1293
Object Number: 1293
Object Class: Euclid
Title: Is it good?
Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP 1293, when located, must be transported to site 199-b06, where they will be given access to a wide plethora of art supplies, including paintbrushes, pens, crayons, pencils, colored pencils, canvases, paper, cameras, sculpting clay, type writers with as many fresh ribbons as possible, etc. along with several nails, sticking head first out of walls, shelves, and easily opened photo frames along several refrigerators with magnets so instances of SCP 1293-a-2/1293-b-2 can be displayed.
Trash bins at site 199-b06 must lead into the furnace of the site to stop the anomalous effects of SCP 1293-a-2/1293-b-2 do not take root. Instances of SCP 1293-a-2/1293-b-2 on display, or when about to be put up, are to be complimented or helpful criticism is to be given, and must be vivid as possible.
Description: SCP 1293 is
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My broken computer monitor. by fightking My broken computer monitor. :iconfightking:fightking 0 107
Not so cold any more
    Try and understand the day I'm having. I left my ranch looking for some of my pokemon, wound up scaling a mountain, found a Leavanny, helped it over come an adversity, and now I've just been told everything I did was a test. One set up by a different Leavanny made of what looks like solid ice, the old one vanishing. Understandably, I almost drop kicked it in the face. That was until it gave me, and every trainer or cluster of pokemon, a block of ice... And when I say block, I mean just... rough shapes. Rough chunks of ice encasing things that probably shouldn't be in them. Not that I could tell what was in some of them, most of the ice was murky, you could SORT OF make out what was inside if you squinted, the occasional egg, random items for ranchers, but mine, it seemed, was the murkiest. I couldn't tell what was in there period. 
    The walk back was nice... comparatively. Still needed my coat for most of it and the pokes were still clustered a bit
:iconfightking:fightking 2 9
Stuck off the Ranch in in a cave.
    It was well over an hour's climb after the Absol fight. Frankly, I'm surprised we made it, almost lost Ufo and Clamp twice on the way up, but we were too close to turn back. The cave at the top was full of people and pokemon. All of them going on about "She/It needs help." Things like that. I couldn't see what they were talking about till my pokemon forced their way to the front, me right behind them. A blue Leavanny with white, almost cottonball-ish tufts along it's arms and a more full, purple colored shroud around it's waist was huddled up, some pokemon and a trainer or two trying to step closer, but backing away from the poor thing when they got at right about the same distance. I just stared at it. It looked so... Pathetic, miserable. "Please, can you help me? I can't seem to stop the snow. And it's just so cold." she said as I got closer. My pokemon seemed on edge. I will never blame them for that.
    I knelt by it and understood why others were
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Cold day off the Ranch and up the mountain.
    I don't know how long it was before we found Pokey. An hour or two? He was hiding under the snow, you'd mistake him for a rock under it if he didn't occasionally peek up. I saw his little face, ran over, and cleared off all the snow I could. I tried to pick him up and hug him, but frankly, I almost threw my back out. When we restarted our search for Ufo and Cinny, Pokey moved quick as a wink. I don't know if I've seen him move so fast in the time I've owned him, if I'm being honest.
    Ufo and Cinny were hiding in the same place actually, a cave at the foot of a great mountain. They coveted the jewels in this cave above all things, and soon... Wait, wait, that's the wrong story, sorry. No, what actually happened was they stumbled out of a cave some ways away from the mountain after another hour of yelling for them on the part of us all, my throat felt raw, my lips were chapping in the ice cold weather, and needed some warm food. Slits was all to happy to s
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Cold summer day at Flooded Grave Ranch
    I know, I know, the title sounds like this will be a horror story your friend tells you with half a s'more crammed in his cake socket and a milk bottle or something in the hand not holding the other half. But it's not, it's actually a more eventful story if I do say so myself. See, I thought that I was gonna wake up like any other day, move Pechy, feed my other Pokemon, get breakfast for myself, normal stuff. That was the wrong assumption. I looked outside and it was snowing. Hard.
    I leapt right into action. When your free range Pokemon don't expect the cold, it could be deadly. The pseudo-headstones by the individual swimming holes for the water Pokemon I hadn't amassed many of were caked in snow and ice sickles, and Clamp, my Clauncher's plot was under a thick sheet of snow and ice. I cleaned the snow off, my hands were cold as all get out, but Clamp, any of my little ones, would be worth frostbite, forget just some coldness.
    It took me
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Pantheons (Part two)
    The ball started rolling just after the lord of flies lost his front-most left leg. Mephistopheles held aloft his blade of piercing fire, swinging it and sending forth flames in slash like arks, Dionysus was slain, and Zeus was angry, as was Dion's "brother", Bacchus. Beelzebub pleaded with with the Roman and Greek Pantheons, "T'was but a misunderstanding!" he wailed in a vain attempt to save lives. Lord of flies, gluttony's king, brutal killer, but he liked to avoid bloodshed between gods. Zeus merely warned them to flee and threw a single bolt, Olympus would give hell time to prepare, but none would be spared their wrath.
    "But Father," Heracles began. "We cannot fight them. Such things would be unfair. Dionysus wouldn't--"
    Zeus cut his beloved son off. "My son, how are you not enraged? Part of your family is dead. How are you not excited? Hell has many great challenges for you and the others to overcome. Achilles and Perseus may even fac
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Beach City: Gem Chronicles (2)
    The creature had a large left arm, it went from the shoulder of the beast to the ground, two smaller arms on the right. It had one somewhat underdeveloped left leg, and it's head was kinda domed into it's body, where it would have had a face, there was a lopsided pair of lumps with a diamond thing between them. Stevonnie and Briana booked as the monster charged at them, it's wretched noises were some sort of battle cry... Or an angry threat, at least, that's what Stevonnie figured.
    They ran with speed that the flash might blush at, at least that's how it felt, fear makes you move quick. They leaped over a fence as they saw another creature, they heard the monsters collide and begin brawling. The other creature was enormous, a beast made of ice, it was basically a jack-o-lantern sculpture with clawed limbs, aesthetically anyway. It also had a glow in it's forehead. The creatures brawled down the street until both girls no longer heard the roars and slams of t
:iconfightking:fightking 2 19



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

The most lethal shooting since Omar Mateen's Pulse nightclub attack happened over the weekend. It has, based on the numbers I've read, surpassed it. And I ask you, the few people following me to just do one thing... Pray for the people lost... Those who have lost family, those who were injured. 

Fuck your politics. PRAY FOR THESE PEOPLE. I'm a fucking atheist. I'll pray because fuck it, it won't hurt the situation. Just... something... I hope they catch this sick fuck, lock him up, smelt the key into a knife and stab him over and over until he bleeds out. It's better then what that sack of filth deserves. Fuck him. Fuck whatever drove him to this.

I feel... anger. I have so little room for pity these days. If there is a hell, I hope he rots there for a hundred years for every person he's killed or injured. 


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"Go, Find the money to arm your troops... Then give that money to those who need to eat with it." -- No one.

"Hand not a starving man your bibles and teach him to pray to your god. Hand the starving man an apple and teach him to grow more." -- Someone, let's hope.

"There seems to be an idea that the strongest shape in nature is a circle. Therefore, if your arguments are that shape, no one can break them, then you can seal your head in them like a helmet, and no one can crack your already thick skull."

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I REALLY wanna review games for a living, figured reviewing games here might help build a resume for it.  As such, You can comission me to review games you like, but some rules:

I'm living on a budget currently. So nothing new and AAA, alright? Older games, sure, but they need to be either attainable in stores or downloadable. I can only review games on the following platforms:

PS3 (No Move games)
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Xbox one (No kinect games)

This is because I have an old computer, it doesn't run too many games that well and my brother sold his 360 a while ago. I will not review anything I know requires peripherals. My money situation isn't that good. Sorry. But any regular game is on the table. Preferably indie and old triple AAA stuff. Thank you for reading. 


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