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Oh Buzzfeed, you poor dolts. I will answer all of these questions because clearly all men can answer these no problem.

1. How does it feel being the same gender as Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Bathory, Sarah Palin, Bonnie Parker... etc, etc.? The list of shitty people on either side of the gender fence can go on forever.

2. I don't hate romantic comedies. I don't watch them regularly but I don't hate them. 50 First Dates is a movie I loved. (Also, haven't seen notebook and Beyonce was only ever on 2 good songs in my personal opinion, Telephone, which was mostly lady Gaga, and single ladies.)

3. Ask to change the subject and I'll change it. Also, not really. The only time I talk about breasts for longer then to say "Hm, that lady has nice ta-tas." Is talking about how we as a culture perceive the naked human body, which yeah, I would actually do, why? Because we live in a generally speaking, sex negative culture here in the US, meanwhile, In japan there's an alter you got to to pray for your boobs. Why do that? Make sure your breast milk is healthy, for one. In other parts of the world, breasts are just kinda there, here, they're seen as something to hide unless they're on a fat guy, like yours truly.

4. I don't. One of my favorite villains of all time was Astronema for power rangers in space, pink and red were my favorite rangers that season, Yellow was my favorite when Dino Thunder rolled around. Ignoring Power Rangers, April O'neal, generally speaking, solid character. Ignoring that, Buffy the Vampire slayer was a show I kinda liked, Hell, I like golden girls. I admit I like that show. Female leading characters, all of them. If it's an actress I hate, a property I hate, a character I hate, or they needlessly change the gender of any character, then I assume I'm not gonna like it. gender of the lead don't always matter to me.

5. I'm not. Moving on.

6. I don't hook up with chicks. for three reasons: 1. I have a girlfriend. 2. Prior to that, my sex drive was low. 3. Ignoring both of those, chicks don't tend to like fat dudes.

7. You get judged for everything. Welcome to planet Earth. People judge you for everything, regardless of gender, color, anything like that. If I slept around, I'd get judged. 

8. I don't. Moving on.

9. What the hell does this have to do with men as a whole? Are you calling all of us rapists?

10. I don't. idiots do. I'm not an idiot. Moving on.

11. I don't. You dumb ass. If I'm nice, I expect a thanks at most.

12. Why would I send a dick pic at all?

13. Insult my sister all you want. She's tough, you wouldn't do it to her face.

14. I don't or I try my hardest not to. Some times people pause after a sentence for a few seconds, not for a breath, they just stop. I assume I'm clear to talk, then the other person starts talking, and I feel both frustrated and like a dick.

15. About the balls thing... I have boobs too. I'm a fat bastard. Now, when I sit like that, it's to prevent my balls feeling crushed between my fat thighs, but hell, if I cross my arms, they don't exactly smoosh my boobs.

16. Because that's how it was for a while and there's a lot of people who don't think times have changed. Nineteen fifties, generally, daddy went out and made money for food, the wife stayed home. That was stupid but that's how it was. I don't think there is a weaker sex. Fuck anyone who does. And about birthing, these days, you can get a shit ton of pain killers in modern countries anyway. Also, C-sections are a thing.

17. It's good to show emotion. Let your pain and anguish out. I do. What men have you met that hide it? Honest question. I let most of it out, some of it needs to be contained so I can address it later, though.

18. I'm not trying to prove shit about my masculinity. I'm a male, I ain't gotta prove it, the world can go fuck itself.

19. The total number of fucks I give about your language usage is zero.

20. Because of the fake rape charges popping up these days. UVA case, the Mattress girl, etc. Baring that though, we live in a society that presumes the innocence of the accused until evidence is found. As it should be, you bitch.

21. I don't. Not always, anyway, If I know a woman long enough and have kind of figured out where that kicks in, I may assume that a bit around those dates. Generally speaking though, I don't. 

22. That was a comedy act if I know what you're incorrectly alluding to, also, I don't stuff or anything. my dick is small and I give zero fucks.

23. Chances are you and many other women put them there. Also, needless call to their race.

24. No. I did rob a sex toy shop once though, I have thirty fleshlights in my closet. 

25. Quit kink shaming.

26. It hurts like a bitch and then the pain doubles over up into your kidneys.

27. No. because I don't really try. I act like me. and if any one, man, woman, or otherwise, has a problem with it, they can suck my balls. I like what could be considered "Masculine things" because that shit gets slick... with blood.

28. I'm not. Why are so many women afraid of it?

29. Maybe you're shitty at my job and I work more then you. I'm not saying I do, I'm saying "Maybe that's the case." Now, you probably make more then me, because I make minimum. Good for you. 

30. An alternate universe that we have yet to discover. For all we know, there's a universe like that.

31. A world we have yet to discover. (Also, same question)

32. Ask the people of that dimension.

33. I'm envious of ANYONE who makes more then me.

34. Because some opinionated women are bitches, some men like that are dicks. Just how it is. And no, we aren't all seen as "The boss."

35. I am not a verbal police officer. Women, like my sister I mentioned earlier, have thicker skin then you give credit for. Also, I wouldn't do that because A. Free country. And B.I'm of a belief that if someone makes a joke and we all laugh with him, the world will be a better place.

36. I'm not afraid because it doesn't exist. I'm overweight, can't find a job, working on minimum so I can save up, I get insulted fairly regularly, and afirmative action, and Gender and race quotas exist now. YOU have more privilege then me.
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