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1. Evolution is about the living things ON the planet. Not the planet.

2. That (Also eagle fox) is not how it works. The chimps wouldn't give birth to anything other than a slightly different chimp. Those somewhat different chimps COLD become human LIKE, but not the genuine article.

3. Stop bringing non-life into this. No I have not. But that is irrelevant.

4. You're an idiot, How could life form in a peanut butter jar? even if life DID form in one, we wouldn't see it without a microscope.

5. Nothing needs to hold the singularity? No idea. But why do you think it needs to be held?

6.Not a question, just a dumb ass thesis. There are no naturalistic means by which a painting can be made, things in the universe? plenty. You're telling me a tree has a sculptor because Iv'e never seen one grow.

7. A. no idea, if a monkey did give birth to a human, it would possibly have no mate, varies WHERE it's born. B. why is this numbered 21 in-vid? C. Still not how it works.

8. Irrelevant. We are talking about lifeforms, not physics.

9. WE DIDN'T COME FROM MONKEYS! "...It's not an accurate question. We didn't come from monkeys... I kinda wish we did though because we would probably be more fun as a species. But we didn't. We're closer to apes than the tailed primates. Basically there was a thing LIKE an ape, and simultaneously like a human. It had slight characteristics both, this primate species went on to split off, some evolved into apes, others into us. Chances are that even further back, the common ancestor we had with apes, had a common ancestor with some other species. And in fact, we all have common ancestors. You have a common ancestor with horses, flies, bats, birds, polar bears, name it. That's how evolution works. One creature or plant can become many trillions of types WITH TIME. Heck, some of the most ancient ancestors we had were some sort of plant-imal. It's kinda hard to tell what those things were, because IT branched off and one became proto-plant and proto-mal.So think about that, if some of your ancient ancestors mated with some other example of it's species, you, reading this, right now, could have been an ape or, going as far back as I can conceive, a tree. That's awesome to me." -- My facebook.

10. Because we started the count-up at an arbitrary point. Still irrelevant. A little less than the rest of this. Because time. also, this insinuates your bible is wrong. Because if the Earth is 6000 or so years old... you have a brain, you figure out where that sentence is going.

11. It could fall into a human shape. Like throw it in the air, variant on where it lands, it takes on some sort of vague pattern. But WTF does it have to do with anything?

12. What does that have to do with ANYTHING?

13. Yes. Science changes. It changes so we can better study and do things. Genesis is flawed though. contradictions are present. therefore, it is flawed. Not a question.

14. Circular logic. Broken logic. Not a question.

15. No... Also, still not a question. Evolution cannot be a religion. You can praise it, I suppose, but it's an explanation backed by evidence. Not blind faith. and the second part is random as hell. "Science leads to killing people." What? It leads to testing I suppose, death can happen. but are we ignoring the holocaust? are we ignoring the crusades?

16. Even the christian ones? And as for the atheist ones, HOW? he isn't there. It'd be like me forming an army to fight Sauron or Godzilla. also, not a question again.

17. Um... We bred them like that after a while. also, not a question.

18. Species A exists now. Species B, thanks to evolution, is Species A's descendant. It exists millions of years into the future. also, you gave yourself a flawed answer.

19. Um... a mental disease? Maybe it's his boyfriend/ girlfriend in a furry suit? I don't fucking know, ya weirdo.

20. Baseless assertion. Not a question. Also, why would they lie about that? That is EARTH SHATTERINGLY EPIC SHIT! I'd find that and go "Holy ballsenfuck! GUYS, YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS!" I'd take pictures and report the fuck out of that, any true scientist would, Not only for epic factor but y'know... that would alter shit... in a BIG way.

21. Some monkeys can use sign language. Others, we can follow body language, study them and get a better understanding of how their system's work... shit like that. Also, think about it like this: We don't have a 100% grip on Latin. That civilization died out a LOT more recently than things like Lucy.

Happy? all answered.


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